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                 Cherries are our passion -

                 who can resist enjoying a fresh picked sweet cherry -    not I   !!



                      We have three cherry blocks

  •     The old block     Lapins   -   This block was planted in 1988 and consists of    

                                               Rainier --- our premium white fleshed cherry.


  • The Lapins Block       -   This block was planted in 1996 and is our biggest block of  cherries.

                           We cover this block with bird net to protect the fruit. Year in year out     

                           it produces large dark cherries

                           The block is planted mostly to the Lapins cherry variety which               

                           is a very large dark sweet cherry

                           Also in this block we have some  Sweetheart cherries.

                           These dark red firm cherries are very sweet     

                                                                                                    How sweet it is                            


    The Regina Block.  This block was planted in 2004 and is progressing nicely. Production

                    should start to increase this year. We hope to pick a good crop of cherries from these trees

                     this year. The varieties are:

                               Regina     ---   A late large sweet cherry very popular in Europe

                               Kordia     --- Another popular European variety, large heart shaped

                               Sweet Georgia   -- A Lapin sport from Tasmania, looks good and very late

                               Santina --- A cherry out of Canada. Early, shows promise



Mountain grown Apples and Cherries from the famous Batlow district



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