About Us

About Us

Ralph and Judy Wilson, (along with the Bank), own a small orchard 4 kms north of Batlow. The orchard is mainly apples with  cherries and berries. The majority of the orchard is intensively planted using dwarf rootstocks. The major varieties planted in order of tree numbers are: Kanzi, Pink Lady, Alvina Gala, Bravo, Honeycrisp, Greenstar, Fuji, Jonathon and Granny Smith The orchard is managed under Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and aims to sustainably enhance the orchard environment.

 Wilgro Orchard operates a roadside stall during the picking season and either Judy or  Rachel or Ralph are usually manning the stall.

Ralph completed a 3 year Diploma of Applied Science (Agriculture) after attending school in Wagga Wagga. He then worked for Mountain Maid Foods Co-Operative for six years and the Forestry Commission for a further 5 years.


Ralph has been a board member of Batlow Fruit Co-Operative and was Deputy Chairman (2 years) as well as Chairman (2 years). He has been involved in industry bodies and has travelled extensively looking at apple production, storage, packing and marketing in NZ, USA, SA, UK, Europe, as well as all apple growing states of Australia. Ralph completed a Graduate Diploma of Business (Management) from Monash University in 1996.

Rachel Galvin is employed full time to work in the orchard and our Roadside stall. Rachel has previous experience in working on an orchard as well as retail (food) outlets. She brings youth, enthusiasm and experience to our business.

Both Ralph and Judy enjoy living in the beautiful Batlow district and the healthy lifestyle of living and working on Wilgro Orchards. They have a keen interest in our industry and believe that small businesses such as farmers/graziers/horticulturalists, are essential to the country’s survival.

 Where Are We

 Wilgro Orchards are situated either side of the main Tumut - Batlow road 4 Kms North of the township of Batlow in the south west slopes  of New South Wales,  Australia