Mountain grown - Famous for Flavour

The Batlow district is justifiably proud of its apples. 

Blessed with an ideal environment that nature has provided, Batlow growers produce a premium apple that is known all over Australia.

Wilgro Orchards are situated right in the heart of the Batlow growing district and specialise in tree ripened apples.

We grow a range of popular varieties which are available through our roadside stall.

Sales of Apples - late February to June


Variety & Picking times

Royal Gala - late February to mid March

Alvina Gala - early March to mid April

Honeycrisp - early March to Mid March

Red Fuji - early April to June

Greenstar - early april to late May

Kanzi - mid April to late May

Granny Smith - early April to June

Pink Lady - late April to June

Sundowner - early May to June