Our Road side stall

Road Side Stall

Opening times vary with daylight saving but we are open at least from 8am to 5pm every day during picking seasons  -  except Christmas day 


Cherries  -  mid  December to late January

Apples   -   late February to June

Chestnuts  -  late March to late April

Raspberries  -  mid December to mid January

Quinces  -  late March to late April

Blueberries  -  late December to late January

Jams, jellies, pastes, chutneys, fruit flavoured vinegars etc. when available

Pies, juices, dried fruit, chocolate dipped fruit, ice cream, yoghurt when available 

Coffee,tea, juices at the orchard or take away

Wilgro Orchards specialise in tree ripened fruit direct from our orchards to the customer. 

Fruit is available at its peak picking time.

Consequently we are open for only that time of the year when these fruits are being picked.

At Wilgro Orchards   we grow our fruit as naturally as possible with very low chemical and fertiliser usage. 
We integrate natural pest and disease control with limited chemical intervention.

At times when there is only limited passing trade or the orchard is particularly busy we have to depend on the  “honesty system” and the stall is not manned all day. We can usually have someone in attendance if we are notified in advance.

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Just some of the products you can buy at our farm