Traditional hand crafted dry cider

Traditional hand crafted dry cider



Apple cider is made from the juice of our apples and left to ferment into apple cider. This traditional process is totally natural. Wild yeasts on our apples convert the sugar in apple juice into alcohol. No preservatives, additives or forced carbonation are used in this process. Our ciders are fermented in oak barrels. Traditional cider is dry with very little residual sugar. This process can take from three months to six months depending on the temperature. Our ciders are then strained, bottled and left to finish fermentation in the bottle before being pasteurised at low temperatures. We are also making some Cherry cider,  Hopped cider Quince cider and Ice cider and plan to make some hopped cider all from produce that we grow.

We have planted and grafted approximately 2000 Cider apple trees. We have:

Kingston Black, Michelin, Dabinett, Bulmers Norman, Yarlington Mill, Brown Snout, Stoke Red, Somerset Redstreak, Frequin Rouge, Sweet Alford and Brown’s Apple.

From 2019 we will be adding our cider apples to our range of ciders

Enjoy the goodness of Wilgro Natural ciders…hand made at our orchard from our apples.

Ciders available from our cellar door at:

Wilgro Ciders 4066 Batlow Road Batlow, NSW. 2730 Ph. 0427 491 224 or 0409 491 226