Our Vinegars

Hand made in small batches, our vinegars have had very good acceptance at our roadside stall and in the retailers that are carrying our products.

We started making Apple Cider Vinegar during the 2012 apple season and have expanded our production with our Gourmet vinegars. All our vinegars are made using our fruit at our orchard. Apples are the mainstay of our vinegars and are used to make Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar is made from our apples, crushed and juiced, then allowed to wild ferment into Apple cider. The sugars in the juice are converted to alcohol. The apple cider is then placed into our vinegar vats and the alcohol is converted to acetic acid. We then put the vinegar into wine barrels for aging. This process ensures a healthy natural vinegar which includes the 'mother'. Our Apple cider vinegar is not filtered or pasteurised. This vinegar is sold to health food shops, local retailers and at our roadside stall when it is open.

Using Apple cider vinegar as a base we have created a range of flavoured vinegars. Fruits from our orchard are used to produce vinegars that can be used in salad dressing, sauces and to add flavour to many meals.

The Flavours



Cherry (made from 100% cherry juice)

Quince (made from 100% quince juice) vinegars

are currently made. We are experimenting with pear and fig vinegar.
All these vinegars are made in small batches then filtered and hand bottled. We do not add any sugar, colouring or preservatives to our vinegars.
We have now completed our new vinegar shed and have installed a complete new juice line, together with the new vinegar vats and a lot more vinegar barrels.